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June 21, 2008

Differences and Change

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If I have come to appreciate something in the past 6 months, it is that people are different and that’s ok. Some people like a secluded cubicle where they can work in peace and quite, some like a communal area where there is often chatter. And that’s OK. Some people like sushi and some don’t, some like orange cars and some don’t and that’s ok, there is no best, just best for that person.

The second half of that is that things change, they always do. What works for you today may not tomorrow, but more importantly, what doesn’t work and you don’t like today, you may like later. And that’s ok. Life is not a straight line ruler where we can always measure exactly where we are and know exactly where we will be tomorrow. It is more like we are a bunch of people in boats bobbling on the water. As we bob along we go up and down, the people around us changes as they drift in and out of our view and some people we share a boat with and are around all the time. Occasionally we bump into someone else’s boat and it is either a pleasant exchange and we are happy to see them, other times ii is a terse exchange and the people both wonder why the other doesn’t get the heck out of THEIR space. The winds and currents of everyday life take us where they may, but once in a while you have to paddle hard to get to a place you like a little better or avoid a storm.

There are people that are always afraid of a storm, even when it is nice, people that drift because they can’t be bothered to paddle and people that don’t seem to be able to manage their own boat, even though they take care of others’ boats.

OK, I think I have sufficiently digressed. Just a thought. Happy sailing.


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