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September 30, 2008

Garbage can geometry

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Now that the new kitchen sink is in with the new drain plumbing, I have room to put a garbage can under the sink again! I want it to be mounted on a little cart that sits on drawer slides so that when I open the door, the garbage can rolls out and opens the lid. In can be done. Let’s ignore the lid part of the equation for now.

Now I need some math to figure out where to bolt the rod on

and how long it should be. Let’s define some variables:

So from the closed position we know:

L^2 (squared) = (X-R)^2 + Y^2

From the open position:

L^2=(Y2)^2 + X^2 .. where Y2 is R-T+Y so

L^2=(R-T+Y)^2 + X^2

T=12 so

L^2=(R-13+Y)^2 + X^2 thus

L^2=X^2-2XR+R^2 + Y^2 = R^2-26R+2RY+169-26Y+Y^2+X^2

Let’s solve … tomorrow!


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