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March 28, 2009


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One thing I am grateful for is the Panasonic Lumix Camera that my buddy Grant gave me. Kirsten has a Pentax DSLR but for me I like this camera and here is why:

  • It has live pre-view. With Kirsten’s DSLR you can only shoot thought the view-finder, not with the lcd. I do a fair about of “technical” pictures where I am often setting up on a tripod and taking a pic of work in my shop. There is usually a fair amount of moving things around to get the subject properly framed in the picture, and with proper lighting. I just couldn’t see doing it with out the lcd.
  • 8 Mega-Pixels. I think any blog or website lives of dies on the quality of the pictures.
  • I love that this camera has this mode where after you take the picture it briefly previews your pic on the lcd and then zooms in so you can check if your pic is in focus. Because I take lots of lower light pics, what often looks in focus on the lcd is actually not when you are later reviewing them on the computer.
  • It is comfortable to hold. I love the shape in that I can hold it when I am not taking a picture and I never feel like I am going to drop it. Consequently I don’t need to have a strap on it and, as I have discovered, I HATE wrangling a strap while I am shooting.
  • Even though Kirsten has a nice camera, it is nice to have something of  my own. Relationships are all about sharing and I am all about that, but sometimes it is nice to have something other people aren’t messing with 😉 Plus Kirsten now has more than one lens for her camera now and I often don’t want the hassle of changing lenses or learning a new lens.
  • It is fully automatic, though IF I wanted to it can be fully manual.
  • It takes videos. (Kirsten’s DSLR doesn’t)
  • It has 2 lithium rechargeable batteries so I never have to worry about wrangling batteries.
  • I didn’t plan to end up with this camera. Some of the best things are the ones that really work out that you didn’t plan on. It gives a person that feeling of serendipity.
  • Getting this camera was a really (overly) nice gesture by a really nice person that I am privileged to know.

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