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October 14, 2010

Random acts of eBay – Results Part 1

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the eBay items have started to roll in this week








Anybody else get anything yet?


March 7, 2008

Random Thoughts on Children on a Friday at Home

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  1. If your 18 month old comes to you with icing all over his face and hands and you have been plastering; it’s not icing.
  2. If they aren’t sleeping, BEWARE the silence.
  3. They ARE cute when they are sleeping.
  4. You have an uncontrollable urge to tickle your kids when they are sleeping.
  5. Every single person that I have met that has older children says to enjoy them while they are young. (Yes, Tina, I didn’t mean “single” people…)
  6. Apparently 3 monster truck still doesn’t meet the quota. 😉
  7. For a small child, “It’s a big mess” can only be spoken with the level of excitement equal to that of an approaching ice cream truck.


January 18, 2008

Thoughts on a Thursday (mini Friday) Night

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Ever have one of those times where you want to post on your blog, but aren’t sure what to put? Most of the time we are all so busy that we have to schedule some time to do things like blog to keep in touch, but now I actually have a minute and …

BTW I think you can subscribe to this blog, but I haven’t figured it yet, let me know if you do.

I was talking to a friend about recognizing the things that push our buttons and I thought about my friends and how they are pretty entertaining when they rant about this or that.  Since I like starting blogs I could start one called “Ventilator” where we could rant and seek incites (therapy) for the things that we like to rant about. Cheri can tell her story about a tire pressure gauge (heheheeh).

Well, off to bed. Someone post a comment so I know if they work and such.

p.s. notice that this blog site has categories for your posts and such.

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